Enchanted Boxes

Enchanted Boxes combine local traditions with a global vision.  The art of crafting and carving wooden boxes, a rare skill of folks living in the Tatra Mountains, was adopted to evoke the symbols, icons and styles of the multiethnic and cross-cultural communities of the industrialized world.  Images of suns, mermaids, fairies, dolphins and dragons populate an enchanted world filled with Celtic knots, Indian mandalas, Christian crosses, and Jewish stars.  There is a place for goddesses, for butterflies, for elephants and for anemone fish.  Yin-yang and the benevolent wings of Isis balance all of these creations of mind and spirit and transform them into special gifts, which help dreams come true, friendships to flourish and memories to last.

Before the advent of computers, internet, and modern technology in the mountainous regions of Poland, EWB's custom designs were drawn, handburned, and colored by Teresa on our "Art & Craft" boxes and most often taken to Poland by suitcase when visiting family. Our humble, rented apartment in Somerville, MA was often filled with the aromatic smoky and sweet scents of freshly burned wood cutting briskly, infiltrating the fresh air of night like a tidal wave. Varnishes back then had a cleaner, organic smell, and while plenty harmful & toxic in our unventilated rooms, were addicting and unusual. EWB designs are often drafted on paper, using pencil, pen, colored pencils, pens, etc (usually mixed media) and depending the complexity, modified and or created in Photoshop. Nowadays, we send pictures and scans of our designs via mobile phone & e-mail which has been commonplace for decades in many other parts of the world, but hadn't been available to many of our partners until this decade.   

Enchanted Boxes are all designed in-house, dubbed an "EWB Original" product.

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