Enchanted Book Boxes

Enchanted Book Boxes evoke the tradition of collecting rare books that date from the ancient library of Alexandria, that extend through the spiraling bookshelves secret societies in Europe.  Inspiration for our collection comes from the libraries of Nostradamus, Gutenberg, the Geographic Society of London, and hidden vaults from Widener Library in Cambridge. We've since expanded our collection to include a variety of artists including Van Gogh's oil paintings, a variety of French poster art by the likes of Steinlen, as well as themed collection such as our "Japanese" collection. We are constantly seeking new movements and new ideas to expand our little library of secret book boxes.

When you hold in your hands, any volume from our collection -- your mind is automatically transported in time to the workshops of alchemists, dusty bookshelves of old monasteries, chambers of old castles, and libraries of Victorian England.  Enchanted books are empty inside so your treasures can replace the pages that once upon a time stretched from cover to cover, protecting the precious written words of scholars and sketches of artists.  Follow Peter Pan on a journey of the lifetime.

Each design is sold in a set of 2 (larger and smaller) which have secret magnetic latch to hold them firmly closed.  The exteriors are wrapped in a synthetic based leather and  felt-lined inside to protect your treasures. They look great on library shelves (gorgeous spines), a living room coffee table, or as a general accent anywhere in any home. We now stock a variety of single books as well, for those not willing to commit to larger sets or those seeking to experiment with different designs.

NEW! - Check out our Book-Safe Boxes! These lock boxes feature a heavy-duty metal plate and industrial strength lock, includes a set of keys (2).

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