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Enchanted Book-Boxes evoke tradition of collecting rare books that dates from the ancient library of Alexandria and extends through the spiraling bookshelves of secret societies of Europe.  Inspiration for our collection comes from the libraries of Nostradamus, Gutenberg, the Geographic Society of London, and hidden vaults from Widener Library in Cambridge.

When you hold in your hands any volume from our collection you are transported in time to the workshops of alchemists, dusty bookshelves of old monasteries, chambers of old castles and libraries of Victorian England.  Enchanted books are empty inside so your treasures can replace the pages that once upon the times stretched from cover to cover.  Follow Peter Pan on a journey of the lifetime.

Each design is sold in a set of 2 (larger and smaller) which have secret magnetic latchs to hold them closed.  They are lined inside to protect your treasures.  They look great on library shelves (gorgeous spines) or a living room coffee table.  View all designs ...
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